Visiting Poland in the Summer: Everything You Need to Know

Summer in Poland. Is there anything better?


The summer months in Poland are a complete paradise. The weather is warm, the produce is fresh, the scenery is beautiful. It doesn't get much better than that. Because of how lovely Poland is in the summer, it does make it a pretty busy place. Major sites and attractions are bustling with visitors and longer lines, but we guarantee that you will be able to discover some lesser known and exciting places on your trip.

Read on to learn more about weather, holidays and where to visit in Poland during the summer.


Visiting Poland in the Summer


June in Poland (czerwiec)

Though summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21st this year, June is considered a summer month in Poland. The temperature is very pleasant with typical lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s.

July in Poland (lipiec)

July is when things really start to heat up in Poland and it is usually the warmest month throughout the year. The days are hot and the nights are warm. July is also the month with the highest rainfall.

August in Poland (sierpień)

August is also a very warm month in Poland with temperatures starting to slowly taper off towards the end.

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Holidays in Poland (Dates for 2021)

June 1st - Children’s Day

Though Children’s Day is not an official bank holiday in Poland, it is still a very significant day! This day is always celebrated on the first of June and is a time to celebrate the kids in your life. Many people use it as a chance to go camping or have a picnic with the family. Children are usually given a small gift on this day.

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June 3rd - Corpus Christi (Boże Ciało)

This is a public holiday and most institutions in Poland are closed. This Catholic holiday commemorates the practice of Communion. On this day there are some outdoor processions in towns around Poland where flower petals are scattered and people stop at temporary shrines to pray.

August 15th - Day of Assumption / Polish Army Day

This is a public holiday and most institutions in Poland are closed. The Day of Assumption is a Catholic holiday. This day is also Polish Army Day as it is the anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw in 1920.

Where to go in Poland in the Summer


Sopot is a part of the Tri-City district along with Gdańsk and Gdynia. All three towns are located close by and nestled up right against Poland’s north coats on the Baltic Sea. While all three offer unique atmospheres, Sopot is the place to be for lounging on yellow sandy beaches, indulging at local restaurants and bars, and taking in the summer beachside scene.

While in Sopot you have the chance to walk the longest wooden pier in Europe at 511.5 meters (1,678 feet). The pier stretches out into the sea where you can observe local boats, windsurfers, and other water activities.


Walk through the center of town to really take in the local scene. Street performers of all kinds are spread around and its a great place for people watching. There are tons of high rated restaurants, cafes, and bars. While walking through town, don’t miss Krzywy Domek aka the Crooked House for a great photo opportunity!


From Sopot you can catch the ferry that will take you across the Bay of Puck to the Hel Peninsula. The Hel Penninsula is a skinny 35km sand bar that separates northern Poland from the open Baltic Sea. The narrowest part of the Hel Peninsula is only 100 meters!


Poznań is a city located in west-central Poland on the Warta River that is often overlooked by visitors to Poland. The city is best known for its renaissance Old Town and Ostrów Tumski Catherdral.

Located in the Old Town, you will find Poznań’s exquisite Town Hall. The Town Hall was first constructed in the 1300s. Though it has undergone disaster from fires and bombings over the centuries, it has been rebuilt to its original grandeur. Today, the Town Hall houses the Historical Museum of Poznań. On top of the Town Hall are a pair of billy goats that emerge daily at noon and butt heads 12 times.


Poznań is also famous for its croissants. Though you can find croissants in bakeries everywhere, it is Poznań that has the official law to make them. These croissants are listed as a protected food by the European Union and must be made by trained and certified bakers in Poznań. There is even a Poznań Croissant Museum where you can learn about the history of this delicacy and have a chance to make them yourself!

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Interested in plants? The 100-year-old Poznań Palm House, houses exotic plants from around the world. This lush, warm, and stunning environment is a space to observe nature and art as exhibitions and concerts are often held here.



Located on Poland’s eastern border with Belarus is the little town of Bialowieża. Since town of Białowieża is located about a kilometer from the center of the Białowieża National Park, the town is also a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is the jumping off point for exploring the area.


The Bialowieża National Park is the largest remaining area of lowland forest in all of Europe. Many animals can be observed here including wolves, wild boar, elk and more, but the main star of the show is the famous European bison - the largest mammal living in Europe.


*It’s important to note that the Bialowieża State Forest is open to the public, but to access the preserved area of Bialowieża National Park you will need a permit (cost around $1.50) and a guide.

There are also many outdoor activities to participate in here including hiking, biking canoeing - and if you visit in the winter, nordic skiing!

Bialowieża also boats some very unique accommodation including Czarska, which is located in the old building of the historic railway station “Bialowieża Towarowa” that was built in 1903 for Tsar Nicholas II.

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