Choosing Accommodation in Poland

Poland is a large country with many different areas to visit and explore. At times it can seem overwhelming trying to decide where to go and where to stay. Here are some of our local travel tips for choosing the best hotels and accommodation in Poland.

How to Choose the Best Hotels in Poland

If you choose to travel on your own, it may take some time to locate the right places, but don’t give up! Taking the time to choose quality accommodation will only enhance your trip as well as support local businesses and families.

If you are a traveler who likes to engage with your destination on a personal level we recommend staying in small, boutique, and locally owned accommodations. This allows you to better learn about the culture, interact with locals and engage in authentic experiences. Staying in this type of lodging also promotes the sustainable tourism movement, which we highly recommend.

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Stay in Small Hotels in Poland

Instead of choosing a well known, chain-hotel, we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and look for something locally owned that meets your standards. On our tours to Poland, we always stay at locally owned boutique hotels or bed and breakfasts. This ensures the you will have a chance to interact with the owners, learn about their lives and enjoy homemade meals. Whether you choose to travel with us or on your own, you should definitely give this style of travel a try.



Ask Locals Where to Stay in Poland

If you are lucky enough to know someone from Poland, this is your best resource. Poles love to share our favorite places and promote small, quality businesses. Here are two places I'd like to share with you that I would highly recommend on your next trip to Poland.

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Zwijaczówka in Zakopane

This cozy, family-run bed and breakfast has it all! Zwijaczówka is run by kind and warm owners who make you feel right at home. They offer local homemade cuisine, beautiful design and an amazing view over the Tatra Mountains. You will find true peace and solace, while only being 15 minutes from the center of Zakopane.


Fregata in Zagórze Śląskie

Located on a picturesque lake, this boutique, small hotel offers much more than just amazing views. They have a wonderful restaurant, outdoor hot tub and friendly, professional staff. The Lower Silesia region has tons of history to discover as well as local walking trails, castles and other attractions. Fregata is a great central base for all of your day trips.


Search for Hotels in Polish

Many of the smaller hotels in Poland are focused on Polish tourists and their information may not be available in English. This can make the search challenging! We recommend trying your Internet search in Polish using tools such as Google Translate. This may open new doors and provide a variety of interesting options. The boutique hotel market is growing quickly in Poland and not only offers great design, cuisine, nature and personal interactions but a safe shelter and unforgettable experience.

Sustainable Accommodation in Poland

We believe that accommodation is an extremely important part of your tour and can take your trip from good to outstanding! Tell your travel agent or tour operator what your expectations are and request them to use small, local businesses and services. Your vacation in Poland can have a positive impact on the local people and you will definitely benefit from having a wonderfully unique experience.


Good news! There is an amazing online source to search for boutique accommodation in Poland. Even better, most of the offers are in English. Visit their website and begin exploring unique lodging in Poland.

The majority of hosts listed in SlowHop asks their guests to stay more than just one night. This is a great opportunity to slow your trip down and focus on a specific area. On this website, you will find many interesting options like modern farmhouses, lake houses, small cabins with beach access, wooden cottages, historic palaces and even a Hobbit house!



Travelers of all sorts are familiar with the largest hotel reservation website. is simple to use and gives you hundreds of possibilities to choose from within a matter of seconds. At the same time, it’s not necessarily the best source for travelers going to Poland.

Polish people love word of mouth recommendations. If we like a place, we'll usually be quick to share the name with our family and friends! When you use reservation platforms, you will most often find chain hotels or those targeting single-night stay travelers. This always has an impact on the quality and service standard of a hotel. It's also important to note that by making reservations with Booking or AirBnb, your host is paying a commission to a huge international corporation.

These platforms are helpful for newly established businesses to promote themselves, but eventually, every accommodation owner wants to avoid using them. Keep in mind  that these “reservation giants” usually keep between 10-20% of the total price of your booking! This money can make a big difference for small businesses owners.


This growing reservation system is becoming very popular in Poland. It is a common choice for those traveling on a budget. By using Airbnb, you need to accept that there will not be any personal connection between you and your host. There is even a high chance you will never meet them unless there is a problem. Everywhere in Europe, there is a lot of controversy around Airbnb. In many cases, owners choose short-term rentals over long-term rentals as they are more profitable. This drives up the rental market prices and causes problems for locals trying to find housing.

Trip Advisor

To make a long story short, Polish people do not use Trip Advisor so you won’t find local recommendations or reviews. We encourage you to take a different approach and make your trip to Poland memorable and meaningful.



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