Spring in Poland - Everything You Need to Know

Spring arrives quickly in Poland. One day there can be a heavy snow fall and everything is covered in white. The next day can be sunny and warm and everything begins to melt. There is a Polish saying "W marcu jak w garncu," which translates to "March is like a pot." This means that you can never quite know what to expect. While this may be the case, one thing is for sure, spring is a beautiful season in Poland!


March, April, and May are considered the off-season for tourism in Poland. Students are still in school and there are not as many families, travelers, and other organized tours visiting Poland. This means that museums and other popular sites will not be as busy. You may also be able to find off-season pricing for hotels and other attractions.

Read on to learn more about the weather, holidays, and what to do and see in Poland in the spring.

Visiting Poland in the Spring



March in Poland (marzec)

March is technically the beginning of spring in Poland, but the days are still pretty chilly. The weather can be inconsistent with one day being snowy and the next day everything is melted. The average temperature in March is about 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Daylight savings occurs in March which leads to extra daylight in the evening and the days starting to feel longer.

April in Poland (kwiecień)

April can be a beautiful month in Poland. Though there can still be some chilly days, for the most part April really feels like spring is in full swing. The average temperature is around 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Kwiecień comes from the Polish word kwiat, meaning flower. April is a wonderful month to see blooming flowers in Poland!

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May in Poland (maj)

May in Poland is when things really start to progress on their way to summer. The days are sunny and can easy become hot. The average temperature is around 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. The snow is melted (with the possible exception of the Tatras Mountains).

Holidays in Poland (Dates for 2021)

March 8th Women’s Day (Dzień Kobiet)

Women's Day is an international holiday celebrated each year on March 8th. This day is to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. In Poland, it is common to send good wishes to other women on this day or to gift them flowers.

April 2nd Good Friday (Wielki Piątek)

This is not an official holiday in Poland though many places may be closed or have reduced hours including museums and other attractions. In Poland, this is a day of fasting. Many people will abstain from eating meat, drinking alcohol or attending parties. It is also a popular day to decorate easter eggs - a fun and beautiful Polish tradition.


April 3rd  Holy Saturday (Wielka Sobota)

On this day in Poland, nearly everyone will bring a basket (called święconka) with food for the Easter meal to the church to receive a special blessing. Usually, the baskets are filled with eggs, bread, salt, sausage, and a few other items. Food from the basket is included in the traditional Easter breakfast.

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April 4th Easter Day (Wielkanoc)

On this day in Poland everything will be closed. Many people attend mass and join their family for a special breakfast.

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April 5th Easter Monday (Poniedziałek Wielkanocny)

This day is also a public holiday in Poland and many places will be closed. There is an old tradition on this day called Śmigus dingus, where people try to drench others in water. Take care when you're out and about to make sure you don't get wet!


May 1st Labor Day

This is a public holiday so many places will be closed. In some cities demonstrations are held to promote workers rights. Because May 1st and May 3rd are holidays in Poland, many Poles take a vacation during this time. These days off are called majówka in Polish.

May 3rd Constitution Day

This a public holiday so many places will be closed. This day commemorates the May 3rd Constitution that was approved in 1791. This constitution is thought to be the second in the entire world only after the American constitution.

Where to go in Poland in the Spring


Though Zakopane is often seen as being an ideal destination for summer (hiking) and winter (skiing), it also has some very beautiful in between seasons. In April, there is still snow on the mountains around Zakopane. What is remarkable about this time of year is that thousands of tiny purple crocus flowers bloom in the clearings on the Tatras mountains. People from all over visit during this time for the chance to see these beautiful endless fields of purple. It is impossible to predict the exact time when this bloom will happen. Some of the best crocus viewing spots are the Chocholowska Valley, Olczyska Valley, and Kalatowki.


The weather is very unpredictable in the mountains in the spring. One year there may be a foot of snow and other’s it can be completely clear. If you are looking for some spring skiing conditions, more advanced skiing terrain is usually open until the end of April. Rafting on the Dunajec Gorge usually begins on the 1st of April. There are other fun year round activities to enjoy in Zakopane such as riding the Kasprowy Wierch cable car or taking a warm soak in the local thermal baths.


Spring really begins in Zakopane in May. Be cautious about visiting Zakopane (or other popular spots around Poland) the first weekend in May. There are holidays that fall during around the 1st to 5th of May, and many Poles take this time off to travel and places are more crowded.

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Mazury is a popular destination in the summer for Polish travelers, so visiting in the spring will allow you to skip the crowds. This region is aptly named the Lake District as there are more than 2,000 lakes in the area. There are tons of outdoor activities here from sailing  and kayaking to walking and horse riding. If the weather isn’t in your favor, there are also tons of indoor activities such as spending a relaxing day at the spa or exploring some of shops and restaurants in the charming Masurian towns.


Poland is a paradise for storks, and they love to nest in Mazury! Every spring, Poland welcomes about 25% or 325,000 of the white stork population that breed in Europe. During the month of April, these magnificent birds start to make their way north from Africa to Poland where they will spend the summer months before departing south again for the winter. The Mazury Lake District of Poland is home to more than 15,000 White Stork couples, that flock to the region for the spring and summer months.


Mazury is also where Hitler’s former World War II military headquarters was located. The Wolf Lair is hidden in the forests close to Kętrzyn village. He spent more than 800 days here and survived an assassination attempt in 1944. The ruins are open to visitors.



Kraków is one of the most popular destinations in Poland for travelers. Because of this, during the summer months, most places including the market square, hotels, and other attractions can be very crowded or completely booked. Visiting Kraków during the spring allows for more opportunities and better prices since there are fewer travelers.


Kraków is also an ideal destination for spring in Poland as the snow is melted and the city starts to come alive. This involves outdoor seating at restaurants and cafes as well as other outdoor activities. If rain showers do pop up, there are tons of museums and other indoor attractions to enjoy around the city.


During the two weeks before Easter, there is an Easter Market held in the market square of Kraków. There are many local artisans that sell Easter essentials such as decorations, handicrafts and tasty local delicacies. There are often folk bands that perform traditional songs and dances.

Other Useful Information for Visiting Poland in the Spring

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