Zamek Książ: Best Castles to Visit in Poland

Zamek Książ

Location: Wałbrzych, Poland

Date of Origin: 13th Century


Zamek Książ is the largest castle in the Silesia region of Poland. This brightly colored castle is perched on top of a hill surrounded by picturesque forest.


The first fortification built on this site was destroyed in 1263 by the Bohemian forces of King Ottokar II. The rebuilding of the castle was completed in 1292.


The castle was occupied by noble families until World War II, which it was seized by the Nazi regime and was set to become the headquarters for Adolf Hitler. During this time an enormous system of tunnels was created beneath the castle and the town of Wałbrzych. The purpose of these tunnels is still unknown today, but it is thought that the Nazis were attempting to create an underground headquarters.


Today the castle is open to the public and is a popular spot for both locals and visitors. There is a popular hotel located at the castle.


A number of popular events and festivals are held here throughout the year including the Flower and Art Festival held every spring.

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