Planning Adventure Travel in Poland

Poland, despite the rich history, amazing architecture and great cuisine, has everything that you need to spend an active and memorable holiday. Polish nature is amazing, offering you fantastic opportunities for all kind of sports! Let’s see what can you do while traveling around Poland.

Planning an Adventurous Trip to Poland

Hiking in Poland

Poland is a great playground for all abilities of hikers. You will find beautiful mountain hikes in southern Poland. The famous Tatra mountains offer amazing alpine views and plenty of different hikes depending on your skill level. You can easily find options for short family hikes as well as long, advanced climbing routes. Don’t forget about Beskidy or Karkonosze. While they might not be as “touristy” and spectacular, there is still something magical about them. There are many hidden spots waiting to be discovered!


Biking in Poland

People love to bike in Poland! In big cities, you will see many young people using bikes to get around, but what we love most is biking while surrounded by amazing Polish nature. You can find fantastic biking trails in most of the regions of Poland, it just depends on what you’re looking for. You can bike around the Masurian Lakes, through magical fairytale forests, in the mountains or even right beside the sea.

One of my personal favorite trails starts in Wałbrzych and leads you through the forest to the ruins of an ancient castle and ends at the beautiful Castle Książ - one of the largest Polish castles with an interesting and rich history. We work with experienced biking guides from Poland and are happy to create an amazing itinerary for your group.


Kayak in Poland

There are many places to kayak in Poland, some of them are even in cities like Wroclaw or Warsaw! One of the best regions to kayak is definitely the Masurian Lakes where you can find endless river trails. Kayak trips are organized along the most beautiful routes, not only in Poland, but in all of Europe. Some of these are the Biebrza River, Rospuda River or Drave River that cross through 19 lakes! There are options for short afternoon kayak adventures and even multi-day advanced options with camping. Let us know what you’re interested in!


Sailing in Poland

There is no better place for sailing in Poland than the Masurian Lake District. You don’t need a license to rent a small sailing yacht, but if you want to get something larger, your options are limited. To sail on larger yachts, you will need a license from the Polish Yachting Association. The easiest way is to rent a yacht with an experienced, qualified skipper and simply enjoy being on the water. The sailing season usually starts in early May and runs through early October.

Rock Climbing in Poland

If you are looking for great rock climbing in Poland, you should focus on the southern side of the country. There are more than 200 spots for climbing and you will find a variety of different routes. The Tatra Mountains might be a climbing region you’ve heard of but that’s not all! Just 30 minutes away from Krakow is Jura, which is known for it’s limestone cliffs. You should also consider the Sudety Mountains on the border with the Czech Republic. You may need a local climbing guide to help you find the best spots, but believe me, it’s worth it. You will find some of the best boulders as well as multi-pitch climbing routes. The options are endless!

Learn more about rock climbing in Poland here.

Skiing in Poland

Obviously, if you want to ski in Poland, you need to visit in the winter. We suggest coming in January through early March to have the best chance for good ski conditions. Zakopane is considered the winter capital of Poland. This town is known for its unique Highland culture and local folklore but is also known for its excellent skiing and snowboarding. Try to avoid Zakopane on the weekends. Like many world class ski resorts it can get very busy on the weekends. You will find many other ski resorts in the south of Poland.

Additional information on ski resorts in Poland.

Water Sports in Poland

Poles believe that the Hel Peninsula is the “Mecca” of water sports in Poland. The peninsula is a unique geographic formation and is a popular summer destination. It is a great place to to start your journey with kitesurfing because of the moderate winds and shallow water in the bay. We work with a few talented, experienced and English speaking instructors, so if you want to return home with new skills, let us know!

Walking in Poland

We have so many favorite walking trails in Poland its hard to choose only one! You can enjoy long walks on gold sand beaches searching for amber, discover magical fairytale forests or walk through the vibrant market squares. Get your steps in and enjoy beautiful Poland with us.

Private Adventure Tour to Poland

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We are Damian and Elizabeth, a Polish-American couple, and we are excited to share Poland with you! We have traveled around the world and seen many places but find ourselves most inspired by our home countries.

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