Is Poland an Expensive Country to Visit?

Poland is considered to be one of the most affordable countries in the European Union, especially for guests visiting from the United States. Here is some information about prices in Poland.

Is Poland an Expensive Country to Visit?

Prices in Poland are not considered cheap for Polish people. In big cities like Warsaw, Krakow or Wroclaw, rent prices have skyrocketed over the last few years which has made it more expensive to live. As a traveler from the United States, you will most likely find Poland inexpensive with a few exceptions.

What currency is used in Poland?

The currency in Poland is called the Złoty or PLN. 1 złoty is divided into 100 grosz. As of November 4th 2021 - 1 złoty is the equivalent of $0.25. In Poland, both money and credit cards are accepted at most places. If you are using money in smaller shops, many will require you to use smaller bills as they do not often carry large amounts of chance.

What are the average prices in Poland? 

It's important to keep in mind that prices in tourists destinations such as the city centers of Warsaw and Krakow, will be higher than those found in smaller towns and cities in Poland. If you travel off the beaten path in some of the smaller towns and cities in Poland, you will definitely find affordable prices, without losing any quality.

Average Prices in Polish Cities:

  • Coffee at the Cafe:  8-15 PLN ($2 - $4) 
  • Lunch at a Restaurant  15-30 PLN ($4 - $8) 
  • Meal at a Mid-Range Restaurant  30-50 PLN ($8 - $12) 
  • Meal at a High-Range Restaurant:  80-150 PLN ($25 - $45)
  • Local Beer at the Restaurant:  8-12 PLN ($3 - $4)
  • Local Beer from a Shop:  3-8 PLN ($1 - $3)
  • Water (small bottle):  2-3 PLN ($1)
  • Loaf of Fresh Bread:  3-5 PLN ($1 - $2)
  • Chocolate Bar:  1-3 PLN ($0,3 - $1) 
  • Basic Visit to the Dentist:  100-150 PLN ($25-$40)
  • Gas:  20 - 24 PLN ($5.66 / gallon as for November 4th 2021) - This is actually more expensive than in United States.

What to Buy in Poland?

Poland is a great place to taste local food, enjoy spa facilities, and enjoy local sights and attractions at a reasonable price. When it comes to purchasing gifts and souvenirs there are many options for quality handmade local items.


Poland is the home of the world famous Bolesławiec pottery. The recognizable patterns can be found in prominent places around the world. Other great things to purchase in Poland are amber from the Baltic Sea, local artwork, and Polish candy to name a few.

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What NOT to Buy in Poland

If you are traveling on your own, be cautious of “tourist traps.” At popular tourist destinations you may find people trying to sell you inauthentic souvenirs at higher prices just because you don’t speak Polish. As everywhere else in the world, you just need to be careful. We also don’t recommend buying electronics in Poland since they may not work in the United States and they are usually more expensive than in the United States.

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