Is Poland a Safe Country to Visit?

Yes, Poland is a safe country to visit.

We live in a wild world and there is nothing more important for us than to ensure your tour to Poland is easy and safe. According to the Global Peace Index, Poland is ranked number 29 out of 163 of the safest countries in the world (United States ranks at number 121). Poland is a place where both locals and travelers feel safe.


Be smart while traveling.

Poland has a low crime rate but there are still a few rules you should always keep in mind while traveling anywhere in the world.

  • Thieves and pick-pockets operate mainly at tourist destinations, railroad stations, trams or the busy city center.  Be aware of this and stay on alert.  Keep your valuables hidden.  Don’t leave them in plain sight inside your vehicle.
  • Use only legitimate currency exchange offices. You will find them in shopping malls, at the bank or in the city center.
  • Never give anyone your passport so that it is out of reach.
  • Travel in a group when going out after dark.
  • Avoid all demonstrations, protests and political issues.
  • Avoid sketchy places, especially nightclubs.

If you are concerned about traveling on your own, contact us to help design your custom tour to Poland with a private guide.

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Travel Tips

We are Damian and Elizabeth, a Polish-American couple, and we are excited to share Poland with you! We have traveled around the world and seen many places but find ourselves most inspired by our home countries.

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