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Yurts are a unique, beautiful, and peaceful type of accommodation to stay in while traveling. There is something special about the simple and strong construction of a yurt that makes your stay feel relaxing and close to nature. Often people refer to yurts as glamping, which in some ways it is similar. But luxury yurts are even more! In Poland you will find yurts in different regions of the country. Yurts in Poland are nestled into areas bursting with nature and landscape views. If you have the chance to stay in a yurt, especially a yurt in Poland, we highly recommend taking this opportunity!


Yurts in Poland - Glamping in Poland

What is a yurt?

Yurts have been used in Central Asia for the last three thousand years (at least!). These portable round tents were covered in animal skins and were used as shelters for nomadic groups. Today, yurts follow the same concept as has been used for thousands of years, but with modern materials and details.


The defining elements of a yurt include its circular structure, wooden lattice walls, a central compression ring, and an outer fabric covering. Many have insulated walls for four season use, as well as multiple doors and windows to allow natural light. Some people view yurts as a type of tent or glamping experience, but yurts are actually much more sturdy than sleeping in a luxury tent. Yurts in Poland that are used for overnight rentals follow this same type of design. In addition to having a strong construction, yurts in Poland also use beautiful design and decor. 

What is it like to stay in a yurt in Poland?

For many people staying in a yurt can be likened to glamping, but often it is so much more. Some yurts that you come across are very basic, only having a small bed, a stove, and maybe an outhouse. These yurts are good for people who are looking for a camping or glamping style experience. More often, in new yurts, people are building what is considered a "luxury yurt."


These types of yurts are like staying in a cozy cabin, but with all of the amenities of staying in a hotel or home. They usually have a full kitchen and bathroom, electricity, hot water, and more. These type of yurts have beautiful and simple design and decor but they have truly mastered the ability to create a relaxing space with everything you could need.


You will find yurts in places where nature is abundant as opposed to city centers. A yurt is held together by a central compression ring, which is located in the center of the ceiling. This space appears like a large round window that allows for all-day views of the sky. Yurts are much more stable than a luxury tent, but still allow for the close-tp-nature, glamping in Poland experience.


Yurts in Poland are designed the same way that modern yurts are designed around the world. Yurts in Poland provide everything you need for a peaceful and relaxing holiday close to nature.

Is it cold in a yurt in Poland?

Many modern yurts are designed for four seasons and all types of weather. Four season yurts are well insulated and can provide enough heat without even starting secondary heating. Most yurts have some other form of heating such as a wood stove or an electric heater. Once these are operating, it doesn't take for the space to heat up and for you to feel truly cozy. Glamping at its finest!


Yurts in Poland are extremely cozy and provide a warm and comfortable space. They are a solid construction that are built to withstand many types of weather including wind, rain, and warm summer days. Even in the strongest winds, you will feel safe and cozy inside the yurt.

Stay in a Yurt in Poland - Glamping in Poland!

Kryjówka is the Polish word for hiding place, which perfectly describes this peaceful place. Kryjówka is home to three modern Polish yurts nestled into the hillside on a forested property with a beautiful landscape view. Each yurt is complete with a full kitchen (stove, refrigerator, kettle, utensils), a bathroom (shower, toilet, sink), a full bed, a loft with an extra sleeping space, and a quick and easy to use wood stove. You can even order a basket of local foods or arrange to use the outdoor wood heated tubs. The yurt has everything you could possibly need for a peaceful and relaxing getaway.


These yurts are located in the north of Poland near Gdańsk and can accommodate two guests. Each yurt has a comfortable bed, indoor bathroom, and fireplace. There is a beautiful lake (you can rent a paddle board!), hot tub, and sauna. The location is ideal for those interested in visiting the city while enjoying the comforts of nature. You can even arrange a home cooked dinner!

This yurt is located in the Kashubian Lake District of Poland. The yurt can accommodate up to five guests. There is an indoor toilet, shower, kitchenette, wood burning stove, and loft. Outside the yurt is a small terrace and a hot tub that is available for guest use. While visiting you can arrange a meeting and ride with the horses that are kept on the farm.


These yurts are located just west of Krakow and can accommodate up to four guests. Each yurt has a bathroom, kitchenette, and plenty of lush outdoor space to enjoy. There is a hot tub, bicycles, and many delicious restaurants nearby. With easy access to Krakow, you can easily enjoy a day in the city and return to a relaxing environment in nature.

These yurts are located in the southwest corner of Poland. The yurts overlook the mountains and have direct access to the Jizera Mountains. The yurts have an indoor bathroom, kitchenette, and comfortable beds. These yurts offer both heating and air conditioning. The hosts offer a full breakfast made with fresh ingredients from their garden. There is plenty to see in this area so you will not run out of things to do during your visit!

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