The Cheeriest Christmas Markets in Poland

Twinkling lights, spiced wine, handmade gifts, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose. You may feel as if you have walked into a Christmas carol, but really, you have just arrived at a Polish Christmas Market! Join us as we dive into the magical world of Christmas Markets in Poland where the story will bring to life and give an insider’s perspective on the winter festivities that take place in these vibrant and historic cities.

The Most Beautiful Christmas Markets in Poland


Some people, or maybe most of us, can't wait for this time of year! It's the perfect time to slow down, enjoy family and taste delicious food without feeling too guilty. Christmas season brings unique scenery to our charming, Polish cities - every year, from late November/early December you can enjoy local Polish Christmas Markets filled with the colorful lights, spiced wines, and other joys to arouse the senses. Polish Christmas Markets offer delicious local flavors and beautiful handmade gifts. This is a great opportunity to find holiday presents for friends and family.

Christmas Market in Wrocław

One of the most beautiful Christmas Markets is in Wroclaw. The market square turns into fairytale with a huge windmill as its hallmark, surrounded by Christmas trees, carousels, big dwarfs, holiday parades, concerts, Santa Claus meetings, delicious Polish food and much, much more. No matter how old are you, the beauty is that everyone will find something for themselves. Locals love Wroclaw Christmas Market so you will have a real Polish experience.

Christmas Market in Kraków

Krakow's Christmas Market is one of the oldest holiday event in Europe. In 2008, The Times magazine named it to be the best Christmas Market on the continent. It's an unbelievably charming place that offers different exhibitors not only from Poland but also Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine or Slovakia. The event happens at the city's market square and is surrounded by beautiful architecture and world-class restaurants. You will find pretty much anything you need here, including unique souvenirs, local feeling and great sightseeing.


Christmas Market in Warsaw

There are few events happening in the capital of Poland during holiday time. The most beautiful ones are held close to the Palace of Culture and Science and in front of the Royal Castle. The atmosphere is cozy and guarantees unforgettable moments with friends and family. One great attraction at the market is an ice skating rink in the center. December visits to the capital of Poland are very festive and charming. Christmas time is a wonderful season for an introduction to Poland.


Christmas Market in Gdańsk

The Gdansk Christmas Market is well known for its Dominican Fair that makes the city even more beautiful. During the holiday season, Gdansk is full of colorful decorations and a lively atmosphere for both travelers and locals alike. You can also find lots of original handicrafts and many attractions such as a 4 meter high and 35m long slide for the youngest! European Best Destination chose Gdansk Christmas Market as a third, most beautiful holiday event in Europe, after Budapest and Vienna. It was described as probably the most romantic market in the world. Good recommendation?

Key to Poland Christmas Market Tips:

December is usually a busy time for everyone. Most of us need to meet end of the year work deadlines and find tie to get ready for the holidays and find presents for friends and family. We want to make things a little bit easier for you and invite you on a winter tour to Poland.

On our Christmas Market Tour, you will not only visit the most beautiful events in Poland but so much more. Taste delicious seasonal Polish cuisine, learn about the history of Poland, attend a gingerbread making class, find the perfect gift, and let Poland dazzle you with its winter charm.

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