Yummy Polish Apple Recipes!

Autumn is apple season in Poland!


Apples in Poland

Poland is famous for apples. In 2017, Poland ranked fourth in the world for apple production producing almost 2.5 million tons! There are many different varieties of apples grown in Poland, with some of the most well known being Royal Gala and Golden Delicious. With such an abundance of apples, there is bound to be many Polish recipes that use apples!

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Polish Apple Recipes


Szarlotka (pronounced shar-lott-kah) is kind of like a Polish twist on an American apple pie. It’s sweet and light and is found in almost every cafe in Poland.

Try this recipe for Szarlotka by Polish Housewife



Jabłecznik (pronounced ya-bwech-neek) is a Polish apple cake. Though this may sound similar to szarlotka, is actually different as it can be made using any type of a pastry base including puff pastry or a sponge cake, whereas szarlotka is made using a shortcrust pastry.

Try this recipe for Jabłecznik by Polish Your Kitchen

Racuchy z Jabłkami

Racuchy z Jabłkami can best be described in English as Polish apple pancakes. Racuchy (pronounced rah-tsu-he) are thick pancakes that are commonly enjoyed around Poland. Each region might have their own approach to preparing them, but we guarantee - they are delicious!

Try this recipe for Racuchy z Jabłkami from Polonist


Ryż z Jabłkami

Ryż z Jabłkami, known in English as rice with apples, is the perfect Polish comfort food. It’s pleasant to eat on cooler days or when you are craving something. In some recipes, the rice with apples is comparable to a rice pudding and in others it is more of a baked rice dish often served with a yogurt or cream.

Try this recipe for Ryż z Jabłkami by Polish Your Kitchen

Surówka z Jabłka i Marchewki

Surówka z Jabłka i Marchewki is a salad made from apples and carrots. This is a popular side dish in Poland often served with a main dish such as pork cutlet, kopytka, or anything really!

Try this recipe for Surówka z Jabłka i Marchewki by Polish Foodies


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