Do People Tip in Poland?

To tip or not to tip?

Tipping etiquette was, and still is, very confusing for me since moving to United States from Poland. The tipping etiquette can be difficult and make you feel uncomfortable anywhere you go so let’s make it straightforward.


Do people tip in Poland? 

Tips are not obligatory but are truly appreciated. The standard of services has grown much higher over last few years and the tipping culture has changed as well. For my parents, there was no such a thing as tips for service, they didn’t think about it and staff didn’t expect it. My generation is little bit different. We believe we should reward good service with a good tip so that it can be even better in the future.  

When should I tip in Poland? 

You should definitely tip for a good service at the restaurant. You can also tip a housekeeping staff if you are satisfied with their service. It is recommended to tip your tour leader and local guides if you are happy with their work. 

Where should I NOT tip in Poland? 

You are not expected to tip for a haircut or health spa service, although if you are extremely happy with the service don’t hesitate to do so. If you order to-go food or coffee you do not need to tip. And don’t feel bad about it!


How much do you tip in Poland?

It all depends on the quality. If the service was good it is customary to tip between 10 - 15%. If you are extremely happy with your service you can consider 20%. If you would like to tip the housekeeping staff simply leave 10 PLN (about $3) on your bed when leaving the room. 

How do you tip in Poland? 

Paying culture is different in Poland than in United States. First of all, the waiter will not take your credit card and disappear with it behind the counter. If you want to pay with your credit card they will usually bring a payment portal to your table.

Usually, there is no option to add the tip when paying - simply leave some cash for a waiter at the table. If the restaurant is more casual and you don’t have a specific waiter to work with you you can go the the counter and ask to pay. I still remember my father-in-law sitting at the restaurant, politely waiting for a bill that never came. Don’t waste your time on those type of mistakes. 

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