All About Apples in Poland

Poland is an apple paradise.


I still remember biting into my first Polish apple. It was late September and my sister-in-law had brought a big wooden box overflowing with apples from her parents village. I can’t recall the type of apple they were, but they were a lovely shade of soft red and golden yellow colors. When you bit into these apples they offered up a solid crunch with delicate juices. This was the perfect apple.

Facts About Apples In Poland

Poland is the largest apple-growing country in the European Union. In 2017, Poland ranked as the fourth largest producer of apples in the world after China, the United States and Turkey. Apples make up 80% of the country’s fruit production and annually produce almost 2.5 million tons. That’s a lot of apples! There are 14 main varieties of apples that grow in Poland including Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, Jonaprince and Szampion to name a few.


Early History of Apples in Poland

Apples have been grown in Poland since the 12th century. Sandomierszczyzna is located in south-eastern Poland and is the oldest orchard region in the country. The orchards here were cultivated by Cistercian monks. The oldest variety of apples grown were reinettes and kosztele, which are now considered very rare.

The city of Sandomierz has been described as a picturesque garden town as almost every family had a small apple orchard beside their home. One of the traditional foods you can find in the region is called apple-cheese. Apple-cheese is made from combining raw apples with sugar or honey and cinnamon and stewing it for a period of time. After this, the mixture is flattened and set to dry for 30-45 days. It results in a chewy, sweet dessert that pairs well with tea. You will also find this food in countries such as Lithuania and Belarus.


Some other popular apple dishes in Poland include

  • Ryż zapiekany z jabłkami i cynamonem  - rice cooked in milk and served with stewed apples and cinnamon
  • Racuchy - a type of apple pancake
  • Szarlotka - the Polish version of an apple pie

Polish Housewife has a great recipe for making szarlotka that I highly recommend. It turns out perfect every time!

Visit an Apple Orchard in Poland

Kwaśne Jabłko is an organic apple farm located in the north of Poland just an hour and a half drive from Gdańsk. In addition to being a farm and cider producer, they also offer charming and relaxing accommodation in their lodge and a farm to table restaurant. You can participate in outdoor activities, luxury spa treatments as well as other workshops such as yoga, wine tasting and bicycle trips.

Culinary Tours in Poland

When traveling in Poland you can easily visit some of the orchards around the country. Learn more about our culinary tours where you have a chance to dive even deeper into the rich culture of food in Poland. Find out more here.

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