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Poles in the United States

The history of Poles in the United States began long ago in 1608. There were a few talented artisans who resided in the settlement of Jamestown, Virginia. Since this time, there have been three large waves of Polish immigrants to the United States.

The first occurred between 1870 and 1914, just prior to World War I, when Poland was partitioned by Austria, Russia and Prussia. The second wave began after World War II and continued through the time Poland was under communist rule. The third one, though much smaller, started after Poland received their independence in 1989.

Polish immigrants were drawn to the United States because of job opportunities, higher salaries and freedoms that Poles were denied for many years. Many immigrants found jobs in important industries including mining, construction and steelwork. They usually settled in areas called "Polonia" or Little Poland, which were made up of other Polish immigrants. Here they were able to preserve their cultural traditions but also assimilate with American society.

Today, there are more than 10.5 million Americans of Polish descent in the United States. Chicago has the highest percentage of Polish people in the whole United States (about 7%) and is home to more than 180,000 Poles.

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Genealogy Tours to Poland

Today's technological advances have opened the doors for anyone seeking to learn more about their family history. On our tours we match your interests with our experienced local specialists to create an incredible tour designed just for you. You will have the opportunity to learn about interesting history, meet locals, taste authentic cuisine and learn as much as possible about your Polish roots. Each Genealogy Tour is completely unique to fit your preferences. The itinerary is always centered around your personal desires including length of your visit, budget, interests and travel standards.   

In order to create your unique tour to Poland, we will ask for as much information about your Polish origins as you have. Data from websites such as Ancestry or Find My Past are great tools and can be your Key to Poland. Any records you have such as photos, letters, birth certificates or marriage certificates can make a big difference in the process of discovering your Polish heritage. If you have limited information, not to worry, but it will aid in digging deeper into your Polish past.

Genealogy Tours to Poland: Step Two

Now it's our turn to do the work. We may contact you to ask for additional information if needed. Our local experts will start working on a preliminary search and we will come up with a basic itinerary. After detailed analysis of the documents you provide, we will locate accurate locations to start designing your private, genealogy tour. It is important to note, if you want us to begin actual research at this stage you will first need to sign a contract with us. After signing up for a tour, you will get a fully-customized itinerary for a private ancestry tour in Poland. Since the tour is created specifically for you, you can expect the unexpected. We will follow clues and information to delve into your past to find your story.

Private Genealogy Tours to Poland: Your Visit to Poland

The tour will begin by meeting your local English-speaking guide at the airport in Poland. You will have time to get to know each other, eat delicious Polish cuisine and discuss preliminary plans for your next few days. You don't need to worry about making reservations, driving or communication, your guide will be with you the whole time to ensure your travels in Poland as worry-free as possible.

Often you will have the chance to visit rural parish churches, cemeteries, civil registry offices, archives and even meet with the locals. We use our time efficiently by working with local officials to learn about your ancestry from reputable sources. If possible, we may even try to search for your living relatives in Poland! Remember that every private genealogy tour to Poland is unique and can open unexpected doors. This makes for an exciting, interesting and memorable trip for you and for us.


Genealogy Tour to Poland: Explore Poland, Explore Your Family History

In addition to family research, we strongly encourage our guests to add a few extra day to explore and experience other parts of Poland.  With it's rich history, culture and nature, Poland is a world-class travel destination.  On our personalized private tours, anything is possible.

Ready to start your genealogy tour to Poland?  Simply send us an inquiry or give us a call to get more information.  See you in Poland!

We are Damian and Elizabeth, a Polish-American couple, and we are excited to share Poland with you! We have traveled around the world and seen many places but find ourselves most inspired by our home countries.

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