Wroclaw - 11 Fun Facts To Know Before You Visit

Interesting Facts About Wrocław

Wrocław is the capital city of the Dolnośląskie province in southwestern Poland and definitely a place worth visiting. Wroclaw is the fourth largest city in Poland and is well known for its beauty, vibrant character, universities and colorful Market Square. We also spent a few years living in this city so we have some local insights and fun facts about Wroclaw to share with you!

1. Wroclaw is a city where you can literally walk on history


During the Middle Ages, the Market Square in Wroclaw was a place for trade. To make it easier for clients to walk, vendors would lay wooden boards on top of the muddy ground. Over time, and lots of layering, the ground level of the market increased by an entire floor! Signs of this Wroclaw history can be found in many buildings, just take a peek in their cellars!

2. Wroclaw has over 600 gnome sculptures hidden around the city


You can't walk around Wroclaw without noticing little gnomes everywhere! At this moment, there are thought to be over 600 of them hidden around the city. Soon they might take over! Searching for gnomes in Wroclaw is a fun activity for children and adults alike when visiting. You will find a map at local shops that can help you track down each gnome throughout the city.

3. Wroclaw has one of the oldest restaurants in Europe

Piwnica Świdnicka located in Market Square in Wroclaw was established in 1273 and for centuries has hosted interesting guests including Chopin and Goethe. It is also the third oldest Polish business in the country. The name of the building comes from the nearby city of Świdnica, which was known for being the center of brewing in the Middle Ages.

4. Wroclaw loves Jimmi Hendrix

Even though Hendrix himself never visited Wroclaw, you can still feel his presence during the annual Jimi festival that has been held in the city for almost 20 years. Every year, thousands of guitar players from Poland gather together in Wroclaw to play his song and attempt to beat the Guinness world record for most people playing his 1960's hit song "Hey Joe." This record was broken in Wroclaw in 2019, when 7,423 guitarists played "Hey Joe" together.

5. Wroclaw has over 112 bridges in the city


Poles call the city of Wroclaw the "Venice of the North." The reason for this is simple. There are only a few rivers that run through the city but over 112 bridges. In Europe, there are only 2 cities that have more, Venice and Amsterdam.

6. Wroclaw is home to the tallest residential building in Poland


Not everyone love Sky Tower building but it is an iconic construction. The building is 212 meters tall and can be seen from a distance. It not only has apartments and a famous viewing deck, in Sky Tower you will find shops and many other businesses too. 

7. Wroclaw has the second largest Market Square in Poland


Polish people love the Market Square in Wroclaw. It is charming, colorful, and always full of life. It is a very historic and authentic square and is popular for travelers and locals alike. It is also very big! Wroclaw has the second largest Market Square in Poland after Krakow.

8. There is an UNESCO site in Wrocław


Wroclaw has its very own UNESCO World Heritage Site - The Centennial Hall. The unique "Hala Stulecia" was designed by Max Berg. The construction of Hala Stulecia was finished in 1913 and became known as one of the most impressive concrete structures in the entire world. Today, its size is still very impressive. The building is 130 feet tall and over 300 feet wide.

9. Wroclaw is a popular town for students

Wroclaw is well known for its universities. There are over 20 universities in the city and more than 130,000 students living in Wroclaw. Because of this, there are always plenty of things to do in Wroclaw. The city is full of fun events, festivals, restaurants, bars, and other quirky hidden gems.

10. Wroclaw is a capital of culture


Wroclaw is also known for hosting a variety of great events and festivals. In 2016, Wroclaw was recognized as the European Capital of Culture. You can attend many interesting events in the city including the American Film Festival or the Festival Wratislavia Cantas.

11. Wroclaw has one of the oldest Town Halls in Poland


In Wroclaw, visitors can see one of the oldest Town Halls in Poland. You won't miss this iconic building while strolling through the Market Square as it is ornate in style and decoration.

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