Delicious Polish Recipes from The Polish Housewife

Three Delicious Recipes from The Polish Housewife Cookbook


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Szarlotka (pronounced shar-lot-ka) is a popular dessert in Poland that is similar to apple pie. Apples have been grown in Poland since the 12th century. The oldest apple orchards in Poland are located in Sandomierszczyna and were originally cultivated by Cistercian monks. Today, Poland is the 4th largest producer of apples in the world. It only makes sense that they would have such a delicious dessert using apples!

This recipe from The Polish Housewife for szarlotka is truly delicious. We have made it every Christmas for the last few years and it is our go to dessert to bring to a dinner. Enjoy!

Pierogi Ruskie


Pierogi Ruskie, also known as potato and cheese pierogi, is a staple meal in Polish households. Many people assume that “ruskie” means Russian, but that’s not exactly the case.  Pierogi Ruskie actually originate from an area of Ukraine that was once part of Poland. The name Ruskie is actually referring to Ruthenian Pierogi.

Pierogi are filled with many different types of ingredients from mushrooms to strawberries, but potato and cheese pierogi are definitely our favorites. Enjoy this recipe for pierogi ruskie from The Polish Housewife.

Learn 5 fun facts about pierogi!



Gołąbki (pronounced go-wamb-key) are a traditional Polish stuffed cabbage roll. These rolls are filled with beef and rice and wrapped around with a cabbage leaf. They are often served with a yummy tomato sauce (although in Damian’s parent’s house, they are served with both tomato and a creamy mushroom sauce).

A fun fact about gołąbki is that the word literally translates to mean “little pigeons.” Enjoy this delicious recipe from The Polish Housewife!



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